The Compact

pearly is the ideal companion for the active woman.
Pocket-sized for convenience to always have your cycle computer wherever you go.
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The Star

among the cycle computers.
Lady-Comp shows you accurately and reliably when you are fertile and when you are not.
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The Expert

for natural family planning.
Extra features offer you everything from Lady-Comp plus the insights to plan a baby.
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Use LADY-COMP®/pearly® to effectively plan pregnancy. One of the most comfortable and natural family planning methods.


Pearly® is our handiest and cheapest tool to monitor your menstrual cycle reliably. This cycle computer is particularly suitable for women. more…


LADY-COMP® is the starlet of our product range. It comes with concentrated knowledge under the bonnet and offers friends of natural family planning virtually everything their heart desires. more…


LADY-COMP® baby offers you a whole range of choices. It allows you to plan pregnancy on the dot the natural way – especially in case you have an irregular cycle or difficulties to conceive. more…

LADY-COMP® cycle computers are devices developed and manufactured in Germany since 1986. LADY-COMP® and pearly® are currently sold in 35 countries and successfully used by millions of women worldwide. Opt for endless freedom now with natural cycle control by LADY-COMP®.