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Getting pregnant the natural way

Scientific evidence has shown that the rate of pregnancy is considerably increased where intercourse is targeted to take place on fertile days. It is thus recommendable for couples with a wish to have children to “help make it happen” the natural way. LADY-COMP® baby stands for pregnancy planning, free of side effects, based on the measurement of basal body temperature. It comprehensively supports your wish to have children while ensuring maximum freedom for you and your body. Easy to use, no hormones, no side-effects, a sustainable solution. LADY-COMP® baby will help you to effectively enable pregnancy. Simply measure your temperature every morning after waking up with the sensor under your tongue for approx. 60 seconds, and regularly input a number of data, such as the days of your period, intercourse etc. The computer will do the rest. With a Pearl Index of 0.7, it will use a “traffic-light” system to display your fertile days with 99.3% accuracy. By sleeping with your partner during these days, you can effectively and naturally contribute to successful conception. Most people do not need more. This helps you make your pregnancy come true soon, without having to undergo expensive interventions, and the device will provide you with useful information about your pregnancy that you and your gynaecologist might need to know.

LADY-COMP® baby is particularly good for you if:

  1. The sperms of your partner are more short-lived or slower than normal.
  2. You ovulate at irregular intervals.
  3. You have diminished progesterone function.
  4. You are in a hurry.
  5. You want to start with family planning and to assess your fertility yourself.
  6. You want to actively monitor the early stages of your pregnancy.
  7. You want to know as soon as possible that you are pregnant.
  8. You want to exactly determine the day of insemination.
  9. You want to know the likely birth date in case of pregnancy.

LADY-COMP® baby offers you a whole range of choices. It allows you to plan pregnancy on the dot the natural way – especially in case you have an irregular cycle or difficulties to conceive. It is recommended for women who wish to monitor their cycle all their life with just one device, in a safe, hormone-free, and self-determined manner. To do this, LADY-COMP® baby offers extensive statistics and planning options. This cycle computer is ready for use without any extra components to install, comes with a 2-year guarantee, and is available hereor in pharmacies throughout Germany.

  • LADY-COMP® offers the following functions:
  • Alarm
  • Measured value and cycle day
  • Display of daily fertility status (fertile/infertile)
  • Ovulation forecast
  • Fertility retrospective for 360 days
  • Fertility forecast for 6 days
  • Fertility curve over the last months
  • 6 months menstruation forecast
  • Average cycle length
  • Temperature increase / high temperature stage
  • Average length of high temperature stage
  • Ovulation fluctuation in days
  • Number of mono-phase cycles
  • CLI (CLI=low corpus luteum function)
  • Forecast hits for 20 cycles
  • Input of personal data
  • BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Documentation of intercourse
  • Gender forecast
  • Indication of possible pregnancy after 4-5 days
  • Indication of probable pregnancy after 15 days
  • Confirmation of pregnancy normally after 18 days
  • Conception date and birth date
  • Data transfer via USB cable

LADY-COMP® baby compact info for download

  • Technical data:
  • Size: 9 cm in diam.
  • Weight: 130 g
  • Battery: AAA batteries or rechargeable batteries
  • 99,3% accuracy
  • 436 Euro with the discount code LCLOVE

  • Price

545 €

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  1. No extra cost
  2. No side effects
  3. No hormones
  4. 99.3% accuracy day 1
  5. Only approx. 60 seconds required per day
  6. Easy measurement under your tongue
  7. You may take your time to intensely prepare yourself for pregnancy
  8. You know when the likelihood is highest to conceive a boy/a girl
  9. You know the moment of optimum fertility every month
  10. The computer will calculate the day of conception and the expected birth date for you
  11. LADY-COMP® baby shows you a possible pregnancy only a few days after conception
  12. Tried and tested & continuously developed for over 30 years
  13. No disposable product
  14. Supports self-determined family planning while providing you with valuable information about your body
  15. 6 hours time window for daily measurement


  • Can I continue using the coil?
    Better not. Copper and hormone coils distort your cycle (see LADYpedia).
  • Do LADY-COMP®/pearly® devices contain plasticisers?
    No. LADY-COMP® cycle computers have been certified as medical devices, are food-safe and bio-compatible, and thus plasticiser-free.
  • I am currently taking the pill. How can I change to LADY-COMP®/pearly® in this case?
    Before you start using a cycle computer, you have to discontinue the pill. For as long as you take the pill, you will not have a normal cycle since the pill is a drug that switches off your body’s hormone production. As soon as you have stopped taking the pill, you may start measuring your temperature with your cycle computer.
  • I have recently become a mother and am still breastfeeding. When will it be useful to go back to the LADY-COMP® device?
    As our method of cycle control is based on knowing the moment of ovulation, it is best to start when you begin to ovulate again, i.e. you should start your daily measurement from the first period after giving birth.
  • My sleep rhythm is irregular (I get up during the night, sleep in at weekends…). Can I still use a LADY-COMP®/pearly®?
    The LADY-COMP®/pearly® was designed for such life rhythms, among other things. For one thing, the 6-hour measurement tolerance also suits women with frequent interruptions of sleep. Before measurement, you should however have slept 4 to 5 hours in a row. Should you wish to sleep longer in the morning, you may freely choose and set the measurement time by adjusting the alarm.
  • What about missing measurements?
    The high prognostic accuracy offered by your LADY-COMP®/pearly® will not be diminished by the cancellation of measurements. Where measurements are suspended in case of an illness, our cycle computer will easily adapt to the original status. 1 or 2 missing measurements will be extrapolated based on data gathered about your cycle so far.
  • When can I get pregnant then?
    A woman can only get pregnant on the day she ovulates. A female ovum remains fertile for 6 to 18 hours. Given that sperms stay fertile for up to 5 days, LADY-COMP®/pearly® accounts for a time span of up to 5 days from the day of intercourse to the day of insemination.
  • Will illness or other health problems impair data quality?
    Persons with an illness associated with a higher body temperature should preferably suspend measurement for the time being. Once you recover, you may continue your measurements as before. LADY-COMP®/pearly® will cope with data gaps and analyse your fertility with great accuracy. In any case: you should consult your family practitioner for advice in case of health problems.

LADY-COMP® cycle computers are devices developed and manufactured in Germany since 1986. Their safety has been repeatedly proven in recognized clinical studies. LADY-COMP® and pearly® are currently sold in 35 countries and successfully used by millions of women worldwide. Opt for endless freedom now with natural cycle control by LADY-COMP®.